Use Tinkercad to build a LED circuit

2019-10-05 - Authored by: Iain Campbell

LED and resistors



Online tutorials

Reading basic circuit diagrams / schematics

Build your first circuit in Tinkercad

Build a simple LED resistor circuit diagram in Tinkercad.

Simple LED resistor circuit diagram

Breadboard layout

The following shows a basic LED resistor circuit (without the switch, diode or potentiometer - you can add these yourself as an experiment!)


The following experiments will help understand the basics ideas:

  1. Build the Battery LED circuit shown above. However, use a 9V DC supply rather than 3V.
  2. Measure the voltage across the LED when the LED is turned on. Measure the voltage across the resistor. What is the sum of the voltage ?
  3. Reverse LED pins around. What happens ?
  4. Take out the resistor and put 9V across the LED ? What happens ? Why ?
  5. Choose different colour for LED
  6. Switch LED and resistor around. What happens ? Why ? Are the resistor and LED in series or parallel ?
  7. Add a diode in series to LED1
  8. Reduce voltage from 9V to 3V. What effect does this have to the circuit ?
  9. Revert to back use 9V battery again
  10. Add a potentiometer to the circuit in replacement of the resistor. Vary the resistance of the potentiometer when the circuit is active and note how this effects the LED.
  11. Measure resistance across the potentiometer as you vary the resistance.
  12. Add a switch to the circuit (single pole single throw SPST)
  13. Measure current through circuit. In addition use Ohm’s law to calculate the current, when a 9V battery is used and a 270 Ohm resistor is used.
  14. Add more LEDS in parallel to existing circuit (different colours)
  15. Learn more about resistors and resistor colour codes
  16. Use mnemonics to remember the resistor colour codes Bad Booze Rots Our Young Guts But Vodka Goes Well” is my favorite mnemonic to remember the resistor colour code list!
  17. Reverse the direction of the diode



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