Blinking LED using 555 timer

2019-02-23 - Authored by: fionnc

Integrated Circuits

555 timer

Components used

These are the components we used to make a 555 timer with 2 blinking LEDs

Name Quantity Component
BAT1 1 9V Battery
R1, R2 2 330 Ω Resistor
LED1 1 Red LED
LED2 1 Green LED
IC1 1 Timer
R3, R4 2 100 kΩ Resistor
C2 1 10 uF, 25 V Polarized Capacitor

Breadboard diagram

Here is the breadboard diagram for the blinking LED project:

I prototyped the circuit in Tinkercad then afterwards built the circuit on a physical board.

A fancier version (Mark 2)

Here is a circuit diagram of a 555 blinking LED circuit with even more LEDS! I tried to build this circuit in Tinkercad, but the circuit didn’t work for me. We double checked the connections, however, when testing some circuits in Tinkercad, it seems that Tinkercad doesn’t simulate the circuit very well. So, we tried to build it for real - I found this one tricky to build. It took a while, but it was fun to see it working in the end. Maybe you will have better luck to build in real life ?

What we learned

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