The Coderdojo Athlone is only based of volunteers. Parents are welcome to become volunteer to help us maintaining a friendly atmosphere and encourage learning new things.

A Garda Vetting is mandatory before starting to volunteer.
Contact to learn more about the process.


Bartek Zaucha

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Derek Goode

I have a varied tech background experience over the last 20 years from Desktop & Application Support, Network & Systems Administration, IT Management to my latest port of call of Validation Analyst at PPD here in Athlone

Started going to Coderdojo as a parent as thought it could help my son see the other side of how computer games are made. Joined as a mentor in September 2017 as I thought while here I could help out and put my tech background to use. Think Coderdojo is a great way for kids to learn programming and solve problems in a fun and friendly environment.


Iain Campbell

I work as a software engineer for the past 20+ years. I have a Nat Diploma in electronics and BEng (Hons) in Software Engineering from AIT. Its a privilege to work in a field that you are most passionate about and get paid to do it.

I joined Coder Dojo for fun, it’s great to help people discover new things and also learn from others. My son and his friends have also joined the group.

I’ve been programming/tinkering since I was ten years old. I enjoy constantly learning, I’m always curious how things work, I love building / creating things and sharing ideas.


Mahesh Kumar L

I’m working as software engineer and volunteering few organizations. Pursed B. Tech (ECE) from JNTU, India. Arrived to Ireland March, 2018 as part of my job. Have good experience in Java and Web technologies. I like to learn technical topics, watch adventures, reading stories, volunteering and sharing knowledge with others.

Interested to volunteer for CoderDojo, as this is good platform to get new ideas from kids and learn the new way of thinking and assist kids to achieve.


Marc Raffalli

I work as a software engineer specialized in Frontend development (HTML, CSS and JS), but I’m passionate about programming in general (and keyboard shortcuts!!) :D

Many aspects of programming are fascinating me: problem solving, attention to details, design… On the opposite of a puzzle, there are infinite possibilities but not all work quite the same of course.

I joined Coderdojo in 2016 as I wanted to start volunteering and put my experience to use. It turns out I learn more from the kids in general than I can help in programming. While I started in the buzzy busy Scratch room, you will now find me in the Web Development room.


Marie Pidgeon

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Matthew Swart

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Ronan Lillis

I am currently in my second year of studying Business Information Systems in GMIT. This course involves me dealing with many different IT aspects such as database management, web development and also SQL coding. On top of this, we use Excel to manage data. We also learn about different IT aspects of Business and how to manage Information Systems such as ERP or CRM systems. Throughout my time in the course I also became proficient in using my different Adobe products such as InDesign, Photoshop and Premiere.

I joined Coderdojo in 2013 as a ninja in the Web Development room. During my time in Coderdojo I learned HTML and CSS as well as a little JavaScript.I completed and entered my first website, a website on the Elder Scrolls game franchise, in Coolest Projects in 2014. In 2016 I became a mentor in the Web Development room.